My message to my little son Marc who’s entering Kindergarten soon –

I know you are a little scared, worried and tensed. I will not ask you not to be afraid. Because we all are. I know I am. For you. For me. But we need to do this. I know together we can and we will. One step at a time. And soon we’ll conquer not just kindergarten but all that we intend to. Today and tomorrow. But for that don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes means that you are trying and learning new things, pushing yourself to change yourself and the world. You are living.
Don’t stop. Don’t freeze. Don’t doubt. Believe in yourself because no one knows your capabilities better than you. If someone constructively criticizes you, hold that close to you as it’ll help you grow as a person. If someone praises you don’t let that go into your head. But strive to do better. Don’t let ego, attitude, jealousy, anger, hatred and vengeance that rule the world today have a place in your heart and mind. There should only be place for love and respect.
My son, as you step into this new world, I wish you the very best to make mistakes and learn from them today so that you could conquer the world tomorrow.


Happy Birthday BFF!

I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Sorry I messed up so badly this time with my constant fights n bickerings. I know ur so angry with me that you’ve not given me a chance to even personally wish you. But you do know like I always say … After ur mom, for sure I’m the one who’s next most concerned about you! So I’ll always wish the best for you!   

Exactly my point !

Y is it difficult for some to understand this?

If only..

If only we could do this. But no we judge n then we lose patience faster than ever just bcos the other person is still not in a better position inspite of our efforts which we think are HUGE… But in reality we really didn’t put in a lot! And maybe the other person was just one step away from healing, but our lack of patience killed it all!



Ease your burdens!

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It’s difficult in the start, but soon it eases your body from the dead weight you’ve been carrying for long !

This holds so true for my BFF!!! 🙂